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Will retiring at 70 become the new normal?

John Austin | Policy and Communications Officer | National Seniors Australia

New study puts focus on when Australians expect to leave the workforce

CEO's get serious about longevity leadership in France

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox | Forbes

CEO's of France’s leading companies, including L’Oréal, Air France and AXA, came together in Paris on September 18th to discuss the implementation of the Charter they signed to prioritise longevity strategies for their employees aged 50 and over

Age Is Not A Problem

Elizabeth Paton | The New York Times

More old(er) models walked on the runways this season, marking a step in the right direction for age representation.

Bosses want hard workers - so they're hiring older people

Callum Borchers | The Wall Street Journal

Some companies are recruiting seniors on the premise that age equals a stronger work ethic

How can HR make the most of the ‘Great Unretirement’?

Phoebe Armstrong | HRM

Recent research has identified a trend of retirees reentering the workforce, a phenomenon which economists have dubbed as the ‘Great Unretirement’. Here's how one Aussie organisation has nailed down its strategy for recruiting and supporting older workers

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