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A community of workers and employers, businesses, organisations and individuals who understand the benefits that workers aged around fifty and over offer

Workr is a place for people who are choosing to keep working, who are looking for work and who are looking for workers

There are so many voices talking about the benefits older workers offer, but very few are talking with us. is our side of the conversation

Our core functions include curating useful and interesting work related information, managing a jobs network, hosting events and finding relevant opportunities for further learning.

As a community, workr is where we’re able to share our experiences, our ideas, our stories, our hopes and our fears. is a place for everyone who is interested in the contribution workers aged around fifty and over make. A place we all get to have our say - a place full of possibilities.

By joining the workr community, you'll receive free* and unlimited access to everything we do. This includes our:

  • Lists of full-time and part-time jobs (COMING SOON)

  • The ability to post and manage as many jobs as you like

  • Our forum 'Shop Talk'


If you would like to become a member of our community, please click here




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