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the company we keep

A significant part of our focus is building relationships and connections with organisations and individuals who are as committed to supporting older workers as we are

This includes us engaging in the really important debate about ageism…a debate which is rightly attracting more and more attention around the world

Here we share who we support and who we follow. Each square is a link to the relevant website or profile. 

Please let us know if you have a recommendation for any organisations or individuals you think we should include.

Silver & Wise logo which links to their website

Helping people to be a success at self employment

This Chair Rocks logo which links to their website

Ashton Applewhite.
Author, speaker and anti-ageism activist

Old School logo which links to their website

A central repository
of curated resources
about ageism and how
to dismantle it



A project designed to help people B:OLD

A new start after 60

Without Limits

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