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The question| Would you describe it as social, economic or environmental?

I found this question a challenge to answer because it feels like my social enterprise delivers impact in both the social and economic categories for older workers, employers and the community.

Given I could only select one option, I chose ‘Economic’ for the following reasons:


Economic | Retiring with Dignity

  • Older workers needing/wanting an income to help them (plan to) retire with dignity

  • Hiring people is a financial investment for employers

  • The economic benefits to the community - workers as tax payers, contributing to the economy

  • needs to be financially viable.

Social | Retiring with Dignity

  • Being part of a community provides support

  • The jobs board gives older workers choices about how, where and when to work

  • Events/courses supports older workers

  • Being financially secure (by working) helps provide a sense of dignity.

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